Photo 0038: Orne River Aerial


Update Mar 18th 2001:  IAN DAGLISH sent an email on Feb 26th.  He explains

Refer back to image 0002.
This time we are looking south west with the town of Ranville just off the
top left of picture and the Orne River running from left to right across the
top of the picture.  So this is the heart of the British LZ.  Remember the
Ferme de l'Ecarde?  Well, there it is again on the right of the picture.
The cross marks the village of Longueville and to its right the curving road
leads directly to the Orne River Bridge (possibly visible on the original
photo?), and 500 yards further west the Pegasus Bridge across the Caen Canal.
 (The two run parallel between Caen and the sea.)

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