Larry Nelson

World War II Photos

A Photo of a sketch done by Larry Nelson's friend, John Morrow.


This is a site of World War II photographs.

Most of the pictures contained within this website are photos taken by Larry Nelson while serving in Europe during the Second World War.  Lance Corporal Lawrence Nelson served with the Black Knights (Squadron 414) in the RCAF as a war photographer.

During his life Larry rarely spoke of the war.  His personal photograph archive, until now only available in boxes and photo albums in the possession of his family, speak of his experiences.  Most of the photos in the archive and on this site were taken by Larry Nelson himself, while others were photos he collected during the war.  Some photos have been developed from film captured by German soldiers who had been killed or taken prisoner.

Please note that all the photos kept by his family and contained on this website are Mr. Nelson's "seconds".  Those photos which best demonstrate his abilities as both a reconaissance and historical photographer have never been in his family's possession - having been handed over to the military during the war.

Larry Nelson passed away in a car accident in 1972.  This page is maintained by his family in his memory.

For now all work on the site has been stopped. The work for this site is a lifetime journey and I will pick it up again one day in the future.



Most of this site's contextual information accompanying the photos has been provided by readers from around the world.

The Nelson family would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to write to us with information.

April 9th 2001:  UPDATES TO PHOTOS 0045 (Stork), 0047 (German Plane), and 0048, 0049 (Allied Planes)
April 7th 2001:  Photos 0041 to 0050 are now available.
March 18th 2001:  We have added updates to photos 0027(mystery bridge), 0033(Panther), planes 0035 and 0036, and D-day +1 photos 0037 and 0038. 
March 7th 2001:  We have updated information for photos 0023 (Orne river bridge), 0028 (bombed German plane), and 0032 (Flail Tank).
February 25th 2001.  We have added photos 0031 to 0040 today.
February 25th 2001.  We have added info on photos 0023, 0024, 0025, 0027, and 0028
February 18th 2001.  Photos 0021 to 0030 added! 
February 18th 2001.  Info on photo 0015 ('TT' HQ on D-DAY) has been received and added.
February 12th 2001.  News on photo 0014 (the German Seaplane) has been added!
February 11th 2001.  We have added updates to photos 0002, 0004, 0005. 
February 5th 2001.  We have added updates to photos 0004, 0007, 0008, 0010.  Thanks to all who have taken the time to write to us!

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