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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Lord Admiral Episode #2 is on the air

I have packaged and uploaded Card Club #2. Lord Admiral Radio's second ever podcast is now in cyberland.

I had hoped to interview our champ, The Man, Jimmy Q for this episode but I screwed up the timing and was out watching football at the local pub with Scotty Craps instead of being online like I was supposed to be. Apologies to Jimmy who I hope to interview this week for the next show. No apologies to Scott who won $10 off me for picking more winners than I did this fine Sunday.

Not only is the show uploaded but I've registered us with some podcast directories so it is possible someone other than the creators will hear our amateurish ramblings. I have no plans to leave my current employment which I heartily believe I am more suited to from a professional point of view.

There is no "off-monthly" in December so we are four weeks away from our next face to face. I expect CnR is starting soon (Nov 27 I undertsand) and I hope to use that as our internet "club site" for some private games.

I wonder if I can get a logo with a gold chip?