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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Lord Admiral Radio - where to next?

After finishing my blog entry last night I dove into some of the poker blogs and newsgroups to cull information for our Card Club broadcast. Our premier broadcast was entirely focused on Sunday's big game. We'd like the next one to talk about more than our club and open it up to include topics from the poker world.

After some surfing I pencilled down some topics. I thought I had some good ideas and looked forward to sharing them with my partners if I could get them to listen.

Later in the night Stacks called me up. He is the show's producer. He got the role when I first proposed the idea of the show. "Sounds good," he said. "I'll be the producer." So my producer calls me up and explains he has some ideas for the show. We discuss some topics and approaches. "I am working on writing episode #2 right now," he explains. I point out that he doesn't even know the topics (hell, I don't even know the topics). He explains he doesn't need to and leave the producing to him. He is the one in showbusiness so I presume he knows what he is doing.

I get to work this morning and try to get Lord Admiral Radio out of my mind to work on things that I get paid for. After lunch I get a call from Omaha Jake. "Sean," he says. "I have some ideas for the show..." and it begins again.

So there it is, something I thought only I would have interest in seems to consume the waking hours of three of us! I've been provided advice on what to call the show, what topics to do, how much local/world time should be allocated and even how to stage it....and I admit I love it. I love the creativity required to make a show and enjoy it even more when I can share that energy with enthused people.

Now all we need are some listeners.