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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Monthly game and an interview with the Man

Two things are on the forefront of my pokermind today.

Firstly and most importantly our monthly limit-game is tomorrow night. These games are my poker life-blood and I enjoy them immensely. Only six seats have been claimed so we have a smaller turnout than usual but that doesn't matter. A good player needs to play and enjoy short-handed games as well as full ring games.

The other great thing about tomorrow is The Man, Jimmy Q, makes his return to the monthly game. Jim was a regular until employment duties with a televised national singing competition show required his full attention. It is nice to have him back.

Speaking of Jimmy he is also part of the second item on my mind. We've decided to register our Card Club podcast with the major podcast directories and so we're struggling with getting the right mix of internal clubs news (which frankly is the purpose of the show) and general poker news (which may interest anyone else - though I am not looking to quit my day job). We've decided that despite the limited audience the focus of the show is the club and therefore we have to get a discussion with Jimmy. Jimmy's poker background is not as well known as some of our more veteran players and I think a discussion with him would be interesting to his competitors. I'd also like to hear his side of some of the exciting hands that played out last week.

Good luck to everyone tomorrow.