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Friday, November 19, 2004

November Monthly -

I have just returned home from our monthly limit game. The whole thing seemed to be in a strange twilight zone where anytime someone starting winning or losing a small change would result in them returning to even.

Let me be honest, our game is small stakes. We only play $1-$2. We played these limits in college 10 years ago and we make real money now and have serious careers but for some reason we keep the limits light. Anyway - even with the light limits - the variance in stacks around the table was so low Mark looked around the table and said: "This seems to be a waste of time." Of course we'd all rather be playing than doing most other things - but it was odd how little things changed despite the money moving around the table.

I finished the "big" winner for the night - and I was only up $13 or so. A normal night the big winner aims to cash in with $50 and go home with more than $100. Our big loser covered his losses with a single green note. If the only purpose of the club was to take money from each other then we did waste our time. In truth of course, the competition for this group is enough to keep us happy. If heaven is a game of poker where you win every hand I don't believe hell is a game of poker where you lose every hand. I don't believe it because you would still get to play poker. I think anytime you can play you are lucky. Actually I think hell is when you are at the poker table and Jason has been assigned the table's shuffler - waiting for the hand to begin - now that is hell.