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Monday, November 15, 2004

Poker Blogs - Fantastic Resource

We are in exhale mode after the weekend's game.

Responsibilities in other important hobbies require a little more work. Many are waiting for Omaha Jake and I to announce the new Dead by Dawn season. We announced today that that will start two Sundays from now (Nov 28).

I am also looking to spend some more time delving into the world of podcasting and Lord Admiral Radio. That means less time playing and reading poker - not that I am talking about an all-out abandonment in the whole game.

We still have the monthly game (next one this Thursday) and I am not missing that. My internet poker playing is slowing down. As a general approach I enjoy studying as I play. I read and review my hands from poker tracker and spent an hour studying for each hour I played.

Until recently I was putting in hours a day (even work days) fine-tuning my game. The levels I want to play on the internet ($5/$10, $100 NL) require at least a $400 bankroll - although $1000 would be better to get into the no limit games the way I wanted. Instead of dumping $400 into Paradise I decided if I was as good as I thought I was I deposit $40 in and build to $400 by winning. I am at $200 now (I did get as close as $370) and I am out of gas. The game became a grinding mathematical experiment at .50/$1.00. Many times I moved up limits but once a bad streak of cards hit I dropped again. Although my stats show I am a consistent winner it drains the hours out of my personal life. Many times I thought - "screw it I am depositing $200 more dollars" but in the end my ego won't let me put in a penny more.

So, sitting with $200 in the account I feel pretty good about the $160 profit in what is essentially a micro-limit game. The game and larger stakes will be there when I get back. Our monthly face to face game down at the club will suit me fine.

In the meantime I have been learning more about the blogging community. Despite my enjoyment of the internet I had, until now, never spent much time learning about blogs. As part of the new podcast project (Lord Admiral radio) I have been researching what is happening in the poker world. The usual sources are great but only today did I find out about all the poker blogs out there!

Some blogs are from regular players just talking about their games, some centre around clubs (like this one) and some are from people in and around the game. This last category provides all kinds of insights and topics on poker today! I've spent far too long today reviewing them all and taking it all in (I am using the Feeddemon aggregator - also a new experience).

So for the next little while time not spent working, or launching Dead by Dawn, or spending time with the lovely and patient Mrs. Cincinnati, will be spent perusing poker blogs and sites to find topics for our Card Club podcast on Lord Admiral Radio.

For those who are interested here are some cool ones I found:
OJ's Poker Blog
Daniel Negreanau's Poker Blog
Las Vegas and Poker Blog

There are a ton more but I need to spend more time reading before I get a good opinion.