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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Reading less

I like to read. I read everyday during my morning and evening subway commute and again before bed. At least I did.

Podcasting is stealing my reading time.

I have become addicted to listening to the myriad of podcasts throughout the world. The total list at ipodder.org hit 1000 this week and I suspect it will be ten times that within a year.

Mind you, not reading is not necessarily bad. There is an elitism associated with reading - an assumption that if I am reading I am filling my brain - but if I have headphones strapped to my head I am emptying it.

The truth is, of course, the many podcasts are more than entertaining - they are actually informative - but don't forget about the entertainment.

Apart from my own podcast, Card Club which is dedicated to Poker, I've also enjoyed podcasts about baseball, technology and well podcasts.

Here is some of what I am listening to:

Naturally I can't give up reading for good - one must read Sklansky's Theory of Poker at least once a year to keep sharp - but for now I am enjoying this new world of entertainment and my poker reading is on a small break.