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Sunday, November 14, 2004

SHOWDOWN 2004 - Crazy Game of Poker

Hi All,

It is late Sunday night and I've spent the best part of today playing yesterday's tournament in my head and working on Lord Admiral Radio.

First the tournament - this says it all:

Congratulations to Jimmy Q - now known as "The Man".

Jimmy played a great tournament and deserves the win.

I spent hours today figuring out how to get Lord Admiral Radio off the air. It was important to me to get something out quick while the buzz was still going. I also wanted to provide a discussion for those poker fans who could not make it.

The first thing I had to figure out was how to play music and record it so the participants can hear - this was trickier than I thought. I could have done the whole thing post production but there is something cool about people hearing their lead-in music.

Once I got that down I had to figure out how to interview people and record their comments and the music. I found I could use teamspeak to record that conversation (at slightly lower quality) but it worked out very well.

We ended up blabbing so long the whole episode is an hour. Brent decided he was my producer and explained the format: I talk first and set up the topic - bring him on and then bring on another guest. Slowly include other people in the discussion until the topic is fully discussed. The great part is I don't have to worry about bosses, advertisers or keeping it to a time limit. The whole thing was pretty cool and I hope you take a listen.

Of course I recommend subscribing to Lord Admiral Radio through Ipodder but truthfully I suppose it doesn't matter how you enjoy it.

I have Monday off so I plan to update the webpage and begin work on Dead by Dawn. Jake and I don't want to let that drop and we have plans to get it kicked off shortly.

Bye for now.