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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Vegas in Alabama

As I was sitting down tonight to make a small post to cap off the day I decided to browse through some of the poker blogs I like to keep an eye on.

I then came across this totally by accident...

It is always cool to see how other clubs organize their information and present it to their members and the world. The Huntsvegas site is slick and professional and it is cool to see them speak so well of the work we have done.

The Huntsvegas poker site has some neat ideas for the Admirals - like more accurate reporting on tournaments. I know our out-of-town members who don't play with us as often are always asking for more news and similar format could go over well.

I bet it is warm in Alabama too - maybe the Admirals should go on tour of the all the great private card games in North America. I bet we'd hold our own - but we would learn and teach a lot, too.