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Friday, January 07, 2005

Getting the sound out...

I will be calling the PokerProf later tonight to record our episode 8 interview of Card Club. Recording the show has always been interesting. My expectations on sound quality have increased with each show.

We started recording interviews using Teamspeak software. It was cheap, we already had a teamspeak server, and it allowed us to have more than two people on the line.

The sound quality on the other end wasn't terrible but I soon wanted better. The other problem was the small delay between the listener and the speaker made conversations difficult.

When doing an interview we now record ourselves individually while talking on the phone. Each person then provides me with the recording and I mix them together. This requires a little more work for me but it is worth it.

The frustrating thing is I really wanted to do this right and so I purchased a Tascam US122 pre-amp. I can't get the damn thing to work. It should improve my sound quality and (more importantly) allow me to travel with it and my laptop and take some interviews on the road. For some damn reason the sound quality is too low with my Realistic mic. Anyway - the struggle for sound quality continues. The next step is for us to learn to use our mics!