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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Holidays are Over - time for some tourneys

My extended holiday vacation from blogging is at an end and there is plenty to catch-up on.

First - the "amateur friendly" $10 7 stud tourney has been cancelled - I am going to replace it with another tourney later this month.

Second - The replacement tourney will be our first "Women's Championship". Yes, the ladies of the LACC will be competing in a Ladies Only event. Nancy Darling suggested it on our member's forums after watching a repeat of the WPT Ladies tournament and she's organizing the whole thing in a whirlwind. Because I can only do two games a month and next month is booked with our Gold Chip event something had to slip. I wasn't going to stop our monthly friendly so the amateur friendly had to go. This week was too busy anyway.

Third - as mentioned above - our first Gold Chip Event of 2005 is coming in February. With the new formal approach to Club Titles we are competing for the first 7 stud tournament title in almost 10 years!!

More to discuss over the next week.