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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Poker Weekend

What a weekend it has been. Almost 100% of the time not spent eating or sleeping has been poker related - and this is both good and bad news.

First of all there was the Terrible Tournament hosted by our very own Evan the Terrible. The largest field in our private games and densely populated by LACC members this was as close as you can get to being an LACC tournament without acutally having an anchor on your chip.

Evan and Maja were great hosts and the tournament was a tremendous success. Congratulations to Mark with his win. Jake's second place finish means he can hold his head up high. It was important to Mark that the Admiral's represent well - and having four Admirals finish top four should make him feel proud. The final two being vested regulars.

Sunday should have been a day of relaxing and watching NFL playoff football. It was not. Using my new Samson mic, TASCAM US-122 sound box and Cubasis software I was feeling pretty cool this morning and hoped to complete the Card Club show in good time. Being an IT professional I should have known that using new equipment and software on a tight deadline is a bad idea. I screwed up three separate items and had to redo them. I called up Stacks to redo part of our segment and still ended up losing the blog of the week section twice. I did the third take on my own without calling him again.

At the end of the day it is our longest episode at 50 minutes. A big reason is the 20 minute Tom McEvoy Q&A - which was the highlight of the show. I could have cut some more from the show but I like things to stay topical and it is, frankly, even more work to edit. I spent too much time doing work two or three times over and I was in no mood to find 20 minutes to drop.

As I work on this Greg Ace in Ottawa is mastering the final copy and I hope to have the whole thing available by 12:30am.

Next week I will be better prepared with my equipment and have the round table done earlier in the week. I like the show recorded before Sunday and then just edited and mastered on the last day. Recording on Sunday is just too much and unfair to Mrs. Cincinnati whom I have abandoned for most of the day.

PS -
The show now has an official blog - courtesy of Brent Stacks at Stackstown.