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Sunday, January 23, 2005

xml feeds, football, episode 10

Thanks to an email for Tor at brainscat.com I've finally got an xml file available for this blog (link on the left).

Those of you with aggregators can now subscribe to the blog without having to come and see if I have added anything. I highly recommend using something like FeedDemon or userland to read blogs - saves so much time having new stories brought to you. Both of these examples cost a few bucks but I am sure there are free ones out there as well.

I spent all day last week putting our Card Club podcast together and missed some playoff football. This week 90% of the show is in the can and I just need to do some touchup and mixing and I hope to fire the product off to Greg in Ottawa for mastering. I hope to have it sent in time to allow me to sit down and watch some of the games going on today.

Episode 10, then, is on track for being uploaded tonight. Episode 11 will be interesting. Stacks and I are both out of town for a good chunk of the week. He will be in Vegas and I am going to San Diego for a few days. This will take some time away from producing the weekly show. We do have a few surprises planned, however....