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Monday, February 07, 2005

Hiatus Over

Well with my trip out of town last week and two tournaments this week I've taken a small hiatus from this blog....until now.

Where to catch up?

In short San Diego is beautiful and I will have to go back one day.

Last week I played in the WPBT and was fortunate enough to finish 11th out of a field of 151. This was largely due to a horseshoe in the proximity of my posterior.

Kudos to Scott the Voice who won our 7 Stud Gold Chip and is now the Lord Admiral's fourth Gold Chip holder. We are still looking for our second winner.

As for the show I've been playing with Skype to record phone conversations. Hooking the lineout of the desktop to the linein on the laptop seems to work well. This saves me all the mixing time I've been using in the show.

I've also finally got Audacity working with the Tascam unit. It took me too long to realize the Tascam acts as an external sound card. Once I clued in I found the preference that lets me change the incoming recording device within the software. Together with the Samson condensor mic I am getting a good sound. All I need is another good mic and I can take the show on the road (like to a Lord Admiral game!).
I'd love to record Brent in a Hellmuthian rant.