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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

What's up for the show?

Work has begun for the show this week - planning anyway.

Mark is hoping to have his update on his SitnGo strategy in this week's episode.

We are working on a round table looking at No Limit books. This may or may not be ready for the upcoming show. We'll include Dolly, Hellmuth, Reuben and Ciaffone, and some of Cloutier and McEvoys work.

I am also enjoying a compilation book on gambling my folks gave me for Christmas. Since it is downstairs and I am in my family room right now I'll give the exact title later. One chapter has some excerpts from Jessup's Cinicinnati Kid. I think I'll read a paragraph or two that I found very cool.

A few months ago I spent a lot of time on pokertracker - finagling it just so to maximize my learning and evaluation. I may spend some time on that as well - this episode or next.

Anyway - lots of thoughts - time to put it all together.