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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Disaster Averted

We were 60 minutes into the show - running late as we still had another 5 or so minutes left. I reached down and moved the mouse on my laptop, the one recording the show, and my both my mouse and then my heart stopped. The former literally and the latter figuratively.

Ever since I upgraded the video drivers on my S3 Savage graphics card on this 4 year-old PC (to allow me to plug my latop into my TV) I've suffered periodic freezes and now my worst fear has been realized. The show was almost done and the laptop feeze-up means a reboot will lose most if not all of the show.

Under normal circumstances this would result in no show this week due entirely to my temper. As it is this week I had a backup plan. In one of those "what the hell" ideas I patched the headphone from my laptop to the line-in on my mp3 player.

The whole time I was recording on the laptop I was also patching through to the mp3 player making a backup. Yes, there is a quality cost, but in the end it was worth it because I did not have time to do the show a second time.

This was another new setup this week, something I'll explain a little more about in my next post. The ultimate goal for all these new setups (really a new one every week) is to keep the total time per podcast ratio as low as possible. My best sounding shows have required 10+ hours for a 45min show. We can't keep that pace up and so we are trying different things to make the creation process more productive while keeping quality and content a priority.

This week my laptop recording process resulted in some "external" sounds - I never muted the WinXP sounds from the laptop and so when I received an email the whole listener base was notified. Something to remember next week.

Oh, by the way, I've rolled back my graphics drivers.