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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Podcasters Dream

I've learned a lot about the technical aspects of sound recording and mixing in the five months we've been doing this. I am a computer geek in over my head in sound technology - a more difficult transition than I had originally imagined.

One of the first things I wanted was a professional sound on my own vocal recording. I started the podcast using an Altec Lansing game headset. Fine for a beginner podcaster but my anal retentive side was kicking in. I wanted more.

I soon learned about condenser microphones. A condenser mic is a powered mic that is, in non-technical terms, better. If you heard last week's show Brent had the condenser and he was sitting a good 12 inches from the mic. Scott and I were so close to our conventional cheaper mics you could hear the pops when we spoke.

The problem with those gorgeous condenser microphones (apart from the fact they can be expensive) is they need power. That means that if you grab one, plug it into a converter with an 1/8" plug to fit into your PC your not going to be impressed. You need a pre-amp or powered break-out box to get it to work. More equipment and more money...until now.

Earlier this year Samson released a USB condenser mic. That's right a beautiful professional sound with a microphone that you can plug right into your desktop or laptop.

I already have a non-USB version of a Samson mic(which I love) going into a TASCAM US-122 breakout box. The plan is to be able build on the system (a second mic, a mixer). My show mates, however, are still on the stone age equipment. I hope this provides those who want to have a professional sound an affordable opportunity to create add to or create a high level podcast.