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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Preparing for the show...

Our weekly interviews are in.

I have a one on one interview with Mark discussing NBCs Poker Superstar Invitational last week. Gus Hanson eliminated every opponent in a bizarre display of luck that, had it happened 100 years ago in a saloon, would have resulted in his shooting his way out of town if he tried to keep any of the money. The interview was done the same night as our "Golden Nugget" this week.

I also recorded two phone interviews. One with the Prof and one with Pauly.
The prof talks about the new Wynn casino in Las Vegas. Pauly talks about last week's Blogger Satellite for the $1500 event in the WSOP.

I hope to have the show recorded by noon tomorrow so I can watch the heads-up championship on NBC. I'll do some post-production after the show with some other errands and try to have it up by dinner.