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Monday, May 16, 2005

But what of the quality!?

Our Sunday show is up and available.

Some random comments:

a) Due to time commitments Brent and I recorded via Skype to Skype rather than a double-ender. None of those "blips" that plagued us a few weeks ago returned, although they are still there on the skype to phone recordings. I need to figure out what those are.

b) I am experimenting with a lower sound quality to save bandwith/download time. I noticed Adam Curry records at 128kbps and compresses to 64 and he plays music. I have been recording at 128 and compressing to mp3 at 128. It is likely a waste of space for a show like ours (that's what the Prof says) and this week we tried 96.

c) As Iggy noticed I have not yet built a proper archive page to link to the torrents Tor is building for us. I am working on a portal web page with some details. I am also looking for a new host that will allow me to keep the mp3s around.

This week's show will be a North Ontario special. As Mrs. Cinci and I will be on vacation I'll bring up the portable studio and have Mark and I do a "cottage special".