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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Congrats to the Mad Doctor...

Inferno the Mad Doctor from Kingston Ontario won the Lord Admiral 2005 Club Championship.

Brent managed to make some recordings on his Iriver and I had hoped to have them up Friday night but it never worked out. I should have them up next week for our second inter-week "Golden Nugget".

Thanks to Mark for a well-run tournament.

How about this micro-limit hand from CnR.

Check n Raise Poker Game #2245245: Hold 'em No Limit ($0.10/$0.20)

Sat May 07 22:40:49 EDT 2005

Table 'Ponchielli' Seat #5 is the button

sabastien78: posts big blind + dead small $0.30

Seat 1: sabastien78 ($12.60)

Seat 2: lady_luck04 ($19.30)

Seat 3: Tunisie ($6.15)

Seat 4: izelenski ($22.10)

Seat 5: sagewaIker ($27.05)

Seat 6: TorontoKid ($38.55)

Seat 7: acgail ($24.75)

Seat 9: hookem33us ($14.95)

TorontoKid: posts small blind $0.10

acgail: posts big blind $0.20

*** HOLE-CARDS ***

Dealt to TorontoKid [TH JH]

hookem33us: folds

sabastien78: checks

lady_luck04: calls $0.20

Tunisie: calls $0.20

izelenski: folds

sagewaIker: raises $0.40 to $0.40

TorontoKid: calls $0.30

acgail: calls $0.20

sabastien78: calls $0.20

lady_luck04: calls $0.20

Tunisie: calls $0.20

*** FLOP *** [7H 2H 6D]

TorontoKid: checks

acgail: bets $0.60

sabastien78: calls $0.60

lady_luck04: folds

Tunisie: folds

sagewaIker: folds

TorontoKid: calls $0.60

*** TURN *** [7H 2H 6D] [4H]

TorontoKid: checks

acgail: bets $1.75

sabastien78: calls $1.75

TorontoKid: raises $10.15 to $10.15

acgail: raises $22 to $23.75 (all-in)

sabastien78: calls $9.75 (all-in)

TorontoKid: folds

*** RIVER *** [7H 2H 6D 4H] [7S]

*** SHOW DOWN ***

acgail: refund $12.25

acgail: shows [5H 3H ] (a flush, seven high)

sabastien78: shows [8H 9H ] (a flush, nine high)

sabastien78 wins ($35.60) with a flush, nine high

*** SUMMARY ***

Total pot $35.60 | Rake $1.85

You may be wondering why I folded. Was I scared of a higher flush? Of course not - the problem was my little java button window went black and I had no event buttons to press - the disappeared!! I was suddenly watching my time run out frantically trying to find the call!!

You can only buy in for $20 with this table and I had built the stack to almost $40. There was $35 in the pot and I only needed another $10 to call and the interface craps out!! I was so angry I left the table to prevent my inevitable tilting.

I also sent a message to CnR to notify them of the bug. I am not asking for money back (it really isn't much) but what if that was serious coin?

I'll let you all know what they say.