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Sunday, May 01, 2005

What is your limit?

First off - new show is up.

Last week's audio "blips" on the Skype connection bothered me so we went back to the "double-ender" - that means having Brent and I record our ends on our own PCs and mixing them together.

On the personal game I was re-reading some of Mason's Poker Essays. Somewhere therein is the comment that you need to be comfortable with the limits your playing. This is from the point of view of the amount of money involved affecting your decisions. You don't want to be scared of raising because of what you are scared of losing.

Normally this is never a problem for me because I am a low-limit hack. I play in the lower limits and the money is only for keeping score. At least I thought it didn't affect me. Recently I noticed my play slipping from ideal and when I thought hard about why I had been making bad decisions I realized it was a fear of losing - not the money but the bankroll!! Because I am so intent in not depositing again in certain sites I play the bankroll as if it is the last money I have in the world. I then find myself playing higher limits to make it exciting. The problem is I am playing the higher limits incorrectly because I am too scared of being aggressive.

In the end, if I am not going to throw more money into a site, I need to look at my bankroll and decide on what limit is appropriate and play my A game. Already I have been enjoying poker like I did back when I started.