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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Boston is Beautiful

I was in Boston this week for day job stuff. This is a beautiful city and although it was my second time there it was my first time taking it in.

We stayed at the Boston Common Ritz (nice when a vendor pays the bill) and as a history buff it was cool seeing Benjamin Franklin's grave and the site of the Boston Massacre.

In show news I have completed the interview the Prof and will be talking to Pauly shortly. We DO have a piece for a Golden Nugget (an interview recorded by Pauly) but I have been unable to get it - Joseph is going to see if he can upload it.

Stacks and I haven't been able to confirm our schedules tomorrow so I don't know if I will have co-host or not but we will have a full show.

As a small aside congrats to Ryan the Engineer for winning our club's first satellite for the 2005 Club Showdown. He does not have to worry about the $200 buy-in.