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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Top Ten Tourney Reminders

From our Dec 11th show - Columbo provides us this top ten list for a listener's question:

Top 10 things to remember in a tournament (with apologies to Steve Danneman*)

1. Play tight* (except the first 2 levels where you can play almost anything.)
2. Look for leaky players. They are dying to give you chips.
3. Re-evaluate your Pocket Pairs after the flop.
4. Like in real estate, position, position, position.
5. Never be a drawer, never be a caller, Never be a limper.
6. Big bluffs are for TV. Never bluff off your stack like a lemming.
7. It is only a small error to fold to a raise*
8. Everything you do must have a reason (and it should be a good one)
9. Strategy not tactics, See the big picture.
10. and son, never go broke on top pair/top kicker.

Next post - the Hold'em OUTS chart.