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Sunday, January 23, 2005

xml feeds, football, episode 10

Thanks to an email for Tor at brainscat.com I've finally got an xml file available for this blog (link on the left).

Those of you with aggregators can now subscribe to the blog without having to come and see if I have added anything. I highly recommend using something like FeedDemon or userland to read blogs - saves so much time having new stories brought to you. Both of these examples cost a few bucks but I am sure there are free ones out there as well.

I spent all day last week putting our Card Club podcast together and missed some playoff football. This week 90% of the show is in the can and I just need to do some touchup and mixing and I hope to fire the product off to Greg in Ottawa for mastering. I hope to have it sent in time to allow me to sit down and watch some of the games going on today.

Episode 10, then, is on track for being uploaded tonight. Episode 11 will be interesting. Stacks and I are both out of town for a good chunk of the week. He will be in Vegas and I am going to San Diego for a few days. This will take some time away from producing the weekly show. We do have a few surprises planned, however....


Sunday, January 16, 2005

Poker Weekend

What a weekend it has been. Almost 100% of the time not spent eating or sleeping has been poker related - and this is both good and bad news.

First of all there was the Terrible Tournament hosted by our very own Evan the Terrible. The largest field in our private games and densely populated by LACC members this was as close as you can get to being an LACC tournament without acutally having an anchor on your chip.

Evan and Maja were great hosts and the tournament was a tremendous success. Congratulations to Mark with his win. Jake's second place finish means he can hold his head up high. It was important to Mark that the Admiral's represent well - and having four Admirals finish top four should make him feel proud. The final two being vested regulars.

Sunday should have been a day of relaxing and watching NFL playoff football. It was not. Using my new Samson mic, TASCAM US-122 sound box and Cubasis software I was feeling pretty cool this morning and hoped to complete the Card Club show in good time. Being an IT professional I should have known that using new equipment and software on a tight deadline is a bad idea. I screwed up three separate items and had to redo them. I called up Stacks to redo part of our segment and still ended up losing the blog of the week section twice. I did the third take on my own without calling him again.

At the end of the day it is our longest episode at 50 minutes. A big reason is the 20 minute Tom McEvoy Q&A - which was the highlight of the show. I could have cut some more from the show but I like things to stay topical and it is, frankly, even more work to edit. I spent too much time doing work two or three times over and I was in no mood to find 20 minutes to drop.

As I work on this Greg Ace in Ottawa is mastering the final copy and I hope to have the whole thing available by 12:30am.

Next week I will be better prepared with my equipment and have the round table done earlier in the week. I like the show recorded before Sunday and then just edited and mastered on the last day. Recording on Sunday is just too much and unfair to Mrs. Cincinnati whom I have abandoned for most of the day.

PS -
The show now has an official blog - courtesy of Brent Stacks at Stackstown.


Monday, January 10, 2005

The Terrible Tournament

Since it became evident that our Ladies Event will not be held this month all eyes turn to the "Terrible Tournament" this coming weekend.

"Evan the Terrible" is hosting his second annual NL tournament this weekend. This was our group's largest tournament last year and it is expected to be big again this year. Ev's tournament is not, technically, a Lord Admiral event. It is an invitational that Ev opens up to his friends and colleagues. All Lord Admirals are invited, however, and it was won by the Inferno last year.

With our monthly game still weeks away Ev's tournament represents the first time many of us will play in 2005. I can't think of a better way to start the year than by winning our biggest tourney.


Friday, January 07, 2005

Getting the sound out...

I will be calling the PokerProf later tonight to record our episode 8 interview of Card Club. Recording the show has always been interesting. My expectations on sound quality have increased with each show.

We started recording interviews using Teamspeak software. It was cheap, we already had a teamspeak server, and it allowed us to have more than two people on the line.

The sound quality on the other end wasn't terrible but I soon wanted better. The other problem was the small delay between the listener and the speaker made conversations difficult.

When doing an interview we now record ourselves individually while talking on the phone. Each person then provides me with the recording and I mix them together. This requires a little more work for me but it is worth it.

The frustrating thing is I really wanted to do this right and so I purchased a Tascam US122 pre-amp. I can't get the damn thing to work. It should improve my sound quality and (more importantly) allow me to travel with it and my laptop and take some interviews on the road. For some damn reason the sound quality is too low with my Realistic mic. Anyway - the struggle for sound quality continues. The next step is for us to learn to use our mics!


Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Holidays are Over - time for some tourneys

My extended holiday vacation from blogging is at an end and there is plenty to catch-up on.

First - the "amateur friendly" $10 7 stud tourney has been cancelled - I am going to replace it with another tourney later this month.

Second - The replacement tourney will be our first "Women's Championship". Yes, the ladies of the LACC will be competing in a Ladies Only event. Nancy Darling suggested it on our member's forums after watching a repeat of the WPT Ladies tournament and she's organizing the whole thing in a whirlwind. Because I can only do two games a month and next month is booked with our Gold Chip event something had to slip. I wasn't going to stop our monthly friendly so the amateur friendly had to go. This week was too busy anyway.

Third - as mentioned above - our first Gold Chip Event of 2005 is coming in February. With the new formal approach to Club Titles we are competing for the first 7 stud tournament title in almost 10 years!!

More to discuss over the next week.