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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

new Golden Nugget

Pauly sent me 4 new clips from his coverage at the WSOP. His says more is coming. I actually got these on the weekend but I was so bagged on Monday I waited until today to put them up.

I realize now listening to my introduction I said "a one interview question" when referring to the Hellmuth clip. I, of course, meant "one question interview". I found it out too late and just do not have the time to go back. Bah - stupid life responsibilities. I suppose it keeps the whole "natural sound" that podcasts are supposed to go after.

On a cool note I got a few emails from listeners who pointed out the new version of itunes includes our podcast in the podcast directory. Very cool.


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

TJ interview - small delay

Hi All,

I'd like to apologize to listeners and the good Dr. Pauly. After verifiying I had all his soundclips from TJ's interview on the weekend I promised to upload them last night as a Golden Nugget. In what was supposed to be a routine wireless network upgrade last night I cut myself off from the internet.


Anyway it should be resolved today and those interviews should be posted tonight.



Sunday, June 19, 2005

Hunts Vegas Poker Teaches Clinic

Congrats to Wes and the gang at HuntsVegas. The HuntsVegas Poker League reps played a friendly 10 person tournament against the Lord Admirals tonight. We had a great time and the boys in Alabama played a great game.

The HVP had 3 of the final 5, 2 of the final 3 and final 2. Wes was the ultimate winner.

More discussion will be had on this week's show.

I hope we do it again.


Saturday, June 18, 2005

Boston is Beautiful

I was in Boston this week for day job stuff. This is a beautiful city and although it was my second time there it was my first time taking it in.

We stayed at the Boston Common Ritz (nice when a vendor pays the bill) and as a history buff it was cool seeing Benjamin Franklin's grave and the site of the Boston Massacre.

In show news I have completed the interview the Prof and will be talking to Pauly shortly. We DO have a piece for a Golden Nugget (an interview recorded by Pauly) but I have been unable to get it - Joseph is going to see if he can upload it.

Stacks and I haven't been able to confirm our schedules tomorrow so I don't know if I will have co-host or not but we will have a full show.

As a small aside congrats to Ryan the Engineer for winning our club's first satellite for the 2005 Club Showdown. He does not have to worry about the $200 buy-in.


Thursday, June 09, 2005

podcast by the lake

Here are the photos of our special "rustic edition" from a few weeks back:

and the artistic b&w

Special thanks to Kev for taking the photos.

No word from our friends in Vegas yet but I am sure we will hear soon enough.

For those who haven't heard it yet make sure to check out Phil Gordon's WSOP podcast at http://www.expertinsight.com/244/gordon.rss Very very cool. We will talk about it on the show.


Monday, June 06, 2005

Oprah eat your heart out...

As we said on this week's show Paul over at the Card Club Network has suggested a poker book discussion.

Now technically Paul's network is not associated with our Card Club podcast - they are named similarily. But Paul, gentleman that he is, is hosting our discussion group on his forums. It is a great opportunity for listeners of the show to exchange stories and ideas with some of us in the podcast and each other.

Anyhoo Paul is organizing a discussion around one specific book that we all read over the same period. Our first choice is Harrington on Holdem and it starts next week. I've put my order into Amazon.

If you have considered joining a poker discussion group feel free to drop by. The group is small but welcoming and it is newbie friendly.

I hope to see you there.