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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

One Minute Mysteries Part II

Yep - Columbo has sent another one minute mystery and I plan to have it in this week's show.

I am also thinking since I don't have time to do the full show notes (including emails) I may just paste listener emails on this blog.


Sunday, August 28, 2005

Show 41

Show 41 has been recorded and is being uploaded. It should be available within the hour.

This is the first show with the new piece of hardware - the Lexicon MX200...

This baby is overkill and unnecessary but I believe you should go big or go home. This dual processor reverb machine allows me to add compression and delay/reverb to the mics in my basement DIY studio. Since sound quality is a new obsession for me this tool allows me to keep an eye on these items without having to add them in later. Post-production efforts are the biggest threat to getting a show out each week. Every little bit helps ensure our longevity.


Thursday, August 25, 2005

Here it is...

The reason I've been quiet here.

The Cincinnati Kid keeps us up and busy.

Almost three weeks old now and things are starting to return to normal.

I've heard it a million times and I never doubted it but I can now say with confidence that the birth of your child is a beautiful spectacle. Simply amazing.

Work has begun on this week's show. We have a ton of email to go through and more listener contributions. I also have a new setup which I'll try to explain a little later in the week.

Oh - and if anyone can help me figure out what the hell I need to do to get my blogger archives working I'd appreciate it. I've changed a million settings and can't get it going. They are there on the server so I don't know what to do.

EDIT - Found the problems - archives are working!


Friday, August 05, 2005

I suck

Thanks for the comments everyone and I apologize for not keeping this as up to date as I keep promising.

OK - First things first. I want to talk about phone interviews.

I don't mean to diss Skype. It is a fine product and I don't think its original inventors imagined podcast interviews being within its scope. Nevertheless that is why I use it and that is what I am commenting on.

Skype itself is easy to use and amazing in a sense. Much like Windows Messenger anyone, for free, anyone can get an account and the software and then chat with each other over the internet. When I say chat I mean literally talk.

That component works well and that is how Stacks and I usually host the show. For me it is a little more difficult than the average bear. Because I have a C04 Samson microphone attached to a Tascam US122 external sound unit (which acts like a sound card) I can't seem to record my Skype conversations. Skype itself doesn't offer the functionality - but most people can find a way to use the same sound card to talk and record. My Tascam unit (which I purchased specifically for the show - it lets me use professional mics and multiple microphones for the odd time I have guests) where was I...anyway the Tascam unit won't let me use it for Skype and record to a separate program without getting interference. In order to resolve this I use a second PC. I pump the output from the Tascam into the Line In on the laptop and voila. The laptop records (usually with Audacity).

This works well when someone has a Skype account.

When someone doesn't have a skype account things get trickier.

I use SkypeOut - a feature of Skype that allows me to call someone's phone from my PC. This has three drawbacks. (1) The sound quality drops - though not terribly. (2) There is a small delay between one person speaking and the other hearing. This can result in awkward interviews if the interviewees aren't comfortable. The other issue (3) is the conference calls on Skype don't seem to work well with Skypeout - at least I haven't been happy with it - way too much interference.

So this means if I want a three way call with someone like Bob Ciaffone - my usual approach has some hurdles. I have found some ways to overcome them. Some have worked and other haven't. I'll start to break those down in the next post.