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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Columbo Speaks

Columbo sent in a reply to our listener, Brandon's, hand...

Last weeks mystery hand:

6k in chips , 100/200 early and avg stack sizes

In BB with 5 limpers. This is a pot size of 1000 or 1100 before you bet.

sees AA

Raise to 1200 (a pot size pre-flop raise). I can see this, you are looking for a single caller.

1 caller (perfect)

9TJ rainbow (nasty board though, not because of the straight, but because of what I call TRAFFIC. He hit this board or he had no business in the hand. So now, how HARD did he hit it?)

Check, bet 1200, call <- CHECK? CHECK? ok, that is not so good unless you are going to let go of the hand, in which case its fine, but very weak. But then the CALL? WHY? WHAT? HOW?

3 (i.e. blank)

Check, all-in. (of course, he figures you for a sucker now)

what to do?


Early on , players are looking to double up, not push you with marginal hands. He has at least 2 pair, if not KQ. this is an easy fold.