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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Lou's email

More email for the show.
Brent and I received this email from Lou. We throw out our unworthy advice on this week's show.

Sean and Brent,

I sincerely look forward to your podcast every week! Keep up the
great work. If either of you make it out to Foxwoods in Connecticut,
please give me a heads up. I'd love to buy a round a drinks, and take
some money from the fish at the $4/8 game.

I have a question, though. Do you have any advice about breaking
through or staying positive during losing streaks? I love to gamble,
and poker is just one such outlet. Lately, I've been getting killed.
Bad beats, missing big draws with overlays, and going on tilt have all
contributed to losses. I'm even on a losing streak in my fun, loose,
micro-limit weekly dealer's choice home game where we play all kinds
of crazy wild-card games. I'm going crazy, so please help me!